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The Jesus Challenge

The Jesus Blocking Wall

Breathe Me In

A Cabin in Trukee

Hello Life! Nice to meet you, again. I met you at birth, but you lost me in my twenties, and now, I am meeting you again in my thirties; this is for keeps. This was the year that did it for me, pulling me down to the ground on my knees;  I was eroding inside, pain-stricken, and begging for any kind of relief.  And it came. Almost suddenly, but not without its fair share of work.  Humbled by my experience from immobility to insurmountability,  I share with you my story. Because this thing called life is merely a composition of stories; the human touch that brings us full circle and ties us to the roots of this world we inhabit. In return, I hope you will grace me with your stories.  Somehow all the pain and loss has brought me to this exact moment, and I would not trade it for anything in the world. Every morning I wake up curious and in wonderment of that all encompassing  human experience. So shall we?

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