A rough, but grand start to 2015

The Year of discernment.

I see that this is a time, called upon by God, to do some serious sifting, separating, and sorting, to counter having been out of sorts since past September. Clarity has struck me tonight, in one swoop, from the many occurrences of the day, and probably from all of time.  It only takes one moment. And as the days pass, I am clear on this call from God, to discern and to seek her in fullness and with solidarity and with complete, utter, joyous faith in her and her ability to give me what is due mine, when the time is right, and the time is not right now.  I am so grateful for God allowing me this time with her for exactly that. It feels good to be here again, in a place where I choose not to be in any other time or place or circumstance than right here, right now. I have been here before, but maybe for the 1st time, here fully with God; with God so stunningly prevalently, enveloping me all around.  I haven’t felt this clear and solid in months and, damn, does it feel good to be back. To be present again.

And so it starts. I finally see it, embrace it, and now look forward to growing back into it.

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